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Independent property firm PCG specialises in all aspects of project management.

Boasting an agile, uncomplicated project approach, the organisation's outmoded collateral had to reflect the same vibe.

To best enforce PCG's central brand values, a variety of graphic techniques were applied to design.

Logical and highly stylised, documents engage bold features and consistent, circular geometry to establish organic harmony and cohesion. Inclusive tone centres on client experience, instantly engaging the reader in PCG's collaborative methodology. 

The Look

Combining a vibrant palette with strong headings, collateral subtly communicates key services in an interesting, visual format. Collaborative imagery showcases PCG's work culture, step-by-step numbering references the company's process, and clean layout emphasises an overarching professionalism.

The Process

Review of existing material through a strategic lens enabled us to identify gaps in communication. Developing a joint brand plan with the input of our client, we pushed the boundaries of innovation to ascertain an ideal balance of creativity and professionalism. 

PCG reached out to Being Brands to participate in a strategic review, and refresh of our existing suite of marketing collateral and service proposal documentation. This process required us to challenge our current practices and ‘a lot of muscle memory’ built up over many years, with respect to the production, and look and feel of our documentation.

Being Brands worked with us through this change process, spanning numerous templates. They successfully managed resistance and accommodated numerous ‘pinch points’, and to my delight did not compromise on the original mandate to deliver a fresh look and feel in concert with clear and effective communication.

We are very pleased with what has been achieved. I would like to personally thank them for their ultimate professionalism, perseverance, and fulfilment of the Being Brands value proposition.

Managing Director, PCG