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About Us

About Us

The brands we choose define the people we become. The people we work with define the brands we create.

Our fun, supportive culture inspires our team to deliver their best every single day.

We’re living proof that if you love the people you work with, and the environment you work in, you also love the work you create.

Our Team.
Our Team.
Principal and Founder

Kerry sailed across the Atlantic on a 54ft catamaran at the age of eighteen. Her epic ocean crossing lasted three months.

Strategist and CEO

Siebert plays five musical instruments. He used to busk for a living in London.

Our most valuable asset is our positive workplace culture.
Head of Creative

Chris is incredibly passionate about dog rescue. He runs the charitable company Luna Wear in his spare time.

Head of Design

Bas originates from Deutschland. Though he doesn’t drink beer or eat sauerkraut, he thinks German hip hop is the best – hands down.

Digital Lead and Head of London

Prudence was lucky enough to perform at the Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony. At ten!

Office Manager

Toni drove her first tractor at the age of eight. She's a very safe driver to this day.

Visual Media Manager

Josh's nunna used to call him the Spanish Flea. He still finds it hard to sit still.

Head of Web

Karven speaks six languages. English, Malay, Indonesian, Chinese, Cantonese, and Spanish.

Designer and Liaison

Yasmin loves painting portraits and designing tattoos. Over the course of her life she’s owned eleven cats.


Emily begged her mother to enrol her in ballet at the age of two. She still takes eight dance classes a week.

We believe really great brands are authentic in their intentions.
Design and Web

Lisa has her own range of pins, earrings and greeting cards. Lady Nooin’s muses include Frida Kahlo and Yoko Ono.

Web Developer

Simone finds the act of baking therapeutic. His speciality is layer cake.

Web Developer

Pavel is a massive fan of the post-apocalyptic genre and plans to write a book one day. If the world doesn't end first.


James was the Australian National Cross Country Champion in high school. Three times.

Admin Assistant

As a kid, Sal was a real tomboy. If she could, she'd still ride her BMX bike, climb trees and zoom down her treehouse zip-line.

Our portfolio of work is expansive.